WC-40 Pickup Truck

CREW: 2 - Driver and Co-driver
DIMENSIONS: Length 15 ft 11 in / Width 6 ft 3 in / Height 6 ft 11 in
COMBAT WEIGHT: 4,640 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 30 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 54 mph; Range 240 miles

A VC-Series Replacement with a Military Appearance
Of the more than 400,000 trucks built for the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II by the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation, about 78,000 were WC series 1/2-ton 4x4 trucks. These military-looking vehicles were introduced in 1941 to replace the VC series, a first-generation line of 1/2-ton trucks with a more civilian appearance. Dodge produced more than 30 different WC models in under 24 months.
Closed Cab, Butterfly Hood, Specialized Fenders
The WC-40 was a limited production pickup truck, part of a very similar group that included the WC-1, WC-5, WC-12 and WC-14. It had a closed cab, two seats and a butterfly-style hood that sloped forward. The fenders were specially made so as not to clog with mud. A canvas cover for the cargo area was part of the standard equipment.
Insufficiently Sturdy, and Ultimately Replaced
Only 275 WC-40s were built. Soon after delivery of the 1/2-trucks began, the Army realized it needed a sturdier model. Dodge responded in 1942 by developing a 3/4-ton WC line, including new WC-51/52 cargo trucks to replace the WC-40.