AFKWX Cargo Truck

CREW: 2 - Driver and Assistant Driver
DIMENSIONS: Length 22 ft 3 in / Width 7 ft 2 in / Height 8 ft 10 in
COMBAT WEIGHT: 10,485 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 40 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 45 mph; Range 300 miles

Transporting Cargo and Troops
The AFKWX-353 was a cab-over-engine, 21/2-ton truck built by GMC for transporting cargo and troops. The AFKWX name is based on GMC model designation: A for 1939 design, F for forward cab, K for selective front-wheel drive, W for driven tandem rear axles and X for extended bed. GMC built about 7,200 AFKWX trucks from 1942 to 1945.
Cab-Over-Engine Design: Benefits and Liabilities
The early-production AFKWX had a closed cab, steel cargo body and 15-foot cargo bed. Though it was roughly the same overall length as the more popular CCKW-353, its cab-over-engine design meant the bed was three feet longer and could therefore transport more cargo. Because the cab could not tilt forward, however, the engine was difficult to reach. Often the entire cab had to be removed to repair the engine.
An Elongated Body Unsuitable for Heavy Loads
The mid-production version of the AFKWX had an open cab and wooden cargo bed. For the final version, the bed was fortified with steel cross-sills and the body lengthened by two feet. But because the wheels were not moved back, the elongated body meant that the rear of the truck could no longer support heavy loads.