WC-52 Cargo Truck With Winch

CREW: 1 - Driver and 9 Passengers
DIMENSIONS: Length 14 ft 9 in / Width 6 ft 11 in / Height 6 ft 10 in
NET WEIGHT: 5,645 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 30 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 54 mph; Range 240 miles

Flexible, Reliable and Highly Successful
Also referred to as weapons carriers, WC-51 and WC-52 Cargo Trucks were developed in early 1942 as flexible and reliable transportation for U.S. forces. Along with the Jeep and 2 1/2-ton CCKW truck, they were among the most successful military vehicles of World War II.
Replacing 1/2-Ton Trucks with a Larger, More Durable Model
These 3/4-ton trucks succeeded earlier 1/2-ton models and featured larger tires, a wider chassis, lower height and stronger parts. Many later vehicles in the WC line were based on the chassis of the cargo truck, including the WC-54 ambulance and WC-56 command car.
Transporting Troops, Weapons and Ammo
The WC-51s and WC-52s transported personnel, ammunition and weapons. Eight soldiers fit in the rear compartment on two side benches whose backs folded down when not in use. A one-piece canvas top covered both the driver and rear compartments.
A Front-End Winch, but Otherwise Identical
During the war the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation built about 182,000 WC-51s and WC-52s. The two were identical, other than the Braden MU-2 winch on the front of the WC-52. The winch had a 5,000 pound capacity, later upgraded to 7,500.