M8 Greyhound Armored Car


CREW: 4 - Commander, Driver, Co-Driver and Gunner
DIMENSIONS: Length 16 ft 5 in / Width 8 ft 4 in / Height 7 ft 6 in
COMBAT WEIGHT: 17,400 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 54 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 56 mph; Range 250 miles
ARMAMENT: 37mm gun with 80 rounds .50 cal and 30 cal machine guns

A Tank Destroyer Repurposed
The M8 Light Armored Car was intended to replace the M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage, an early tank destroyer. When it became evident that the M8 was an inadequate anti-tank weapon, however, it was instead redesignated a light armored vehicle and pressed into service as a replacement for the M3A1 Scout Car.
Armored Reconnaissance for the Cavalry
The M8 was a highly mobile, armored reconnaissance vehicle that served primarily in cavalry units. It seated the commander and gunner in an open-top turret, with a driver and co-driver in the front of the hull.
Refitted with a .50 Caliber Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun
The original M8 had a 37mm gun mounted in the turret and a .30 caliber machine gun on the right side. At the cavalry's request, however, it was eventually upgraded to support a .50 caliber anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.
From the Mediterranean to Europe
The M8 fought in the Mediterranean Theater in late 1943. It was also deployed to Europe and, in a few cases, the Pacific. The M8 went on to serve in the Korean War.