Italian 47/32 Mod 35 Anti-Tank Gun

DIMENSIONS: Length 5 ft 6 in / Width 3 ft 4 in
RATE OF FIRE: 14 rounds per minute
PROJECTILE WEIGHT: 3.2 lbs (AP) / 5.3 lbs (HE)

Effective Early On, but Later Obsolete
The Italian Cannone da 47/32 Model 35 gun was developed and manufactured in the 1930s. Based on an Austrian design, the 47/32 was used by Italian infantry and paratroopers as both an anti-tank and infantry support weapon. While effective against Allied light tanks in the early years of World War II, the gun was rendered obsolete by the arrival of heavier tanks.

A Low Firing Profile Offset by Other Limitations
The 47/32 could be fired with its wheels either attached or removed, the latter creating a low-profile firing position. There were, however, significant limitations. Its axles often broke while the gun was being towed, requiring it to be manually moved or lifted into the back of the truck. It also lacked a gun shield.