Italian TM-40 Artillery Tractor

CREW: 1 - Driver and 7 Passengers
DIMENSIONS: Length 15 ft 4 in / Width 7 ft 3 in / Height 9 ft 2 in
COMBAT WEIGHT: 14,495 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 37 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 30 mph; Range 186 miles

A Better Alternative for Moving Heavy Artillery
In 1938 the Regio Esercito (Italian Royal Army) requested a faster, more modern artillery tractor. The Fiat-SPA TM 40 was selected from among several contenders. Though deployment was scheduled for 1941, the tractor was not delivered until 1942 due to production delays caused by a scarcity of raw materials. It was primarily used to move heavy artillery such as howitzers and anti-aircraft guns.

Supporting the Italians, Then the Germans
The first TM 40s supported Italian forces on the Eastern Front. After Italy surrendered in September of 1943, Fiat-SPA continued producing the tractor for German troops fighting in northern Italy. Some TM 40s built in 1945 were used by the post-war Italian army.