British SAS Jeep

CREW: 1 - Driver and 3 Passengers
DIMENSIONS: Length 11 ft 1 in / Width 4 ft 7 in / Height 5 ft 11 in
GROSS WEIGHT: 3,650 lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 15 gallons
PERFORMANCE: Max road speed 65 mph; Range 285 miles

Hit-And-Run Attacks on Supply Lines, Airfields
The British Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit founded by then Captain David Stirling in the summer of 1941. During World War II the SAS carried out hit-and-run raids in enemy territory, disrupting supply lines and attacking airfields.
First Parachutes, Then Jeeps to Infiltrate Enemy Territory
SAS strategy was originally to parachute behind enemy lines, attack the enemy and then rendezvous with a land extraction team. During their first mission, however, SAS forces were widely scattered after the drop and some soldiers injured. As a result the SAS instead began
using heavily customized U.S. Willys MB Jeeps for insertion into enemy territory.
Both an Effective Weapon and a Reliable Transport
The Jeep was an ideal SAS vehicle, both for transport and as a weapon. It could be armed with as many as five Browning and Vickers machine guns. Fast and sturdy, it had a nearly 300-mile range and four-wheel drive that was optimal for desert conditions. When stripped
of all non-essential parts it could carry a considerable amount of cargo, including water, fuel and ammunition.